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The importance of nutrition in the provision of essential nutrients to support a healthy body cannot be understated. Eating a good diet is one of the most effective and affordable ways to prevent and manage chronic disease. Yet choosing the right food to stay healthy... that's the challenge!

Our relationships with food are individual to us, influenced by a number of factors and can be difficult to change. By providing an individual and personalised approach to your diet and using the latest clinical evidence, Lucy can help you to succeed in reaching your personal dietary goals.

Lucy is a registered dietitian and is in private practice at Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital and The Tavistock Physio Clinic. She also works as a specialist gastroenterology dietitian at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust with expertise in the management of IBS and inflammatory bowel disease. Lucy can also provide personalised, tailored nutrition and dietary advice for individuals seeking help with weight management or sports performance.

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I look forward to making a difference to your health.

- Lucy Pritchard, BSc (Hons) RD

"Easy to understand, very happy to explain your problems and solutions in detail"


"Lucy gave very useful advice which I can work on and carry forward in a very friendly and professional manner"


"It was great to speak to Lucy who really understood the impact IBS can have on your life and put me on the path to enable me to continue my retirement and enjoy it to the full."


"Lucy was very professional yet extremely approachable. An excellent consultation"


"The consultation covered a lot of ground. I liked the positive approach. It was good to have summaries on the way through the consultation. "


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